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For almost a decade Miranda worked passionately throughout every dimension of the fashion industry - from creating her own wildly successful lingerie label to in industry; bringing all elements together for new & established brands.

In spite of doing something she truly loved, there was something missing - creating like minded labels with purpose, labels that seek to do better and tread lightly. So with a deep desire to use her skills for good,
Miranda Lee Creative was born. 

Miranda Headshot.jpeg

Miranda brings as much heart to every label she works with as she would her own. Her innate ability to immerse herself in a brand’s essence and effortlessly bring a brands vision to life with such compassion is second to none. With Miranda’s inspired approach and wisdom she organically becomes an integral part of bringing any label or collection to life.
Providing any brand with the holistic services they need to successfully create a label that not only looks good but does good.

Working with Miranda doesn’t simply stop with designing the clothes, it flows through all aspects of the fashion brand building journey.
Possessing a beautiful artistry to provide guidance and cultivate the connections between like-minded people needed to allow labels to
reach their truest potential.

Miranda’s wholly understanding approach empowers every brand to create the biggest positive impact possible, making her the perfect partner for any purposeful label. 

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