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Designing purposeful pieces that are unique to your brand aesthetic and are the
perfect fit for your customer.

You have your style in mind, you may or may not have a technical drawing (don't worry we can help with this too!) and you sort of might know what kind of fabric you would like to see your piece in - or not.

Perfect - we can do the rest and create an accurate Techpack for you to send to your manufacturers for quoting, sampling & production.  



Categories include but are not limited to:
Womenswear, Childrenswear, Swimwear, Activewear, Menswear

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To begin, we will have a brief chat to determine what specific elements your garment requires.
We discuss the 'recipe' for your pieces and how they will be constructed.
If we have done the design development work together then we already have a really great understanding of your pieces, their fit, fabrications and accessories & trims.
If not we can chat through your options and you can supply your requests to us.

Then once you have filled out our techpack form and paid your deposit we get to work.
You will have one revision before they are complete & ready to send to your makers.

Depending on current work loads this time frame can vary so please get in contact for
realistic time lines. 

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We have a brief but in depth discussion about your price point, your target market, your vision for the piece and we sign off on it's specific 'ingredients' that will go into your techpack
(or as I like to refer to it - your delicious garment recipe). 




A first version will be sent to you to look over, assess & double check. Final amendments are made before we release the final document to you to send on to your makers. 

We want you to feel confident at every step of your label coming to life - so our journey
doesn't have to end here.

Once we have completed your techpacks - we can assist in your search for your production team both on shore & offshore.

We can help to connect you with manufacturers or pattern-makers and makers to sample your garments and take them through to production.

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